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Landview Properties, Inc.
903 East Route 66, Suite B
Glendora, CA 91740

Telephone: 626-914-5771
Telephone: 909-599-5771
Fax: 626-914-5775

You may also contact us by clicking one of the following email addresses:

Rental Information - Cathy 626-914-5771: Cathy@Landview.biz

Property Owner Inquiries - Harrison 626-712-3328: Harrison@Landview.biz

Maintenance Requests - Maintenance 626-914-5771: maintenance@Landview.biz

Tenant Account Information - Jeff 626-914-5771: Jeff@Landview.biz

Property Supervisor - Robert 626-914-5771: Robert@Landview.biz


Anne Mcguire   Real Estate Sales   annieskates2000@yahoo.com   909-896-0588
Cathy Brown   Management Assistant   cathy@landview.biz   626-914-5771
Ann Affleck   Multi-Family Specialist   ann@landview.biz   951-551-3826
Lindalee Stump   Real Estate Sales   Lindalee@Landview.biz   626-712-8949
Jeff Boley   Accounting Supervisor   Jeff@Landview.biz   626-914-5771
Robert Horneman   Associate Broker   Robert@Landview.biz   626-646-6499
Harrison K. Smalley   Broker Owner   Harrison@Landview.biz   626-914-5771


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Landview Properties, Inc.
903 East Route 66, Suite B
Glendora, CA 91740
Tel: 626-914-5771