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Landview is a Full Service Real Estate company. We are able to assist you with all aspects of property ownership  from the purchase, sale or management of your investment of even your family's home. Many of our investor clients have bought, sold or exchanged properties multiple times overthe years through Landview.


Landview takes pride in knowing the details of your property. We are Not a large impersonal management company where you are just a number. Our Landview Team is made up of professionals in the fields of Communications, Accounting, Maintenance, Field Management and General Office Management.


We will provide you with peace of mind. We understans that you must have a trusted professional working hard to protect your family's investments while you continue to enjoy your everyday life. These days there is a mountain of paperwork required by various regulations  that the owner of rental property must convey to their tenants.  Landview is on top of all of the forms to keep our clients safely within all the guidelines.


We are there when you need us. Landview is more than a One-Man-Show, so we are able to be on call protecting our investor's properties 24/7,365 days a year for 30+ years.


We at Landview specialize in the management of Apartment complexes  to single family homes  and condominiums.  We cannot possibly be all things to All owners, so we do not manage Homeowners Associations, Commercial Properties or Retail Properties.


Landview is not just an Accounting firm that manages  a few properties, we are a team of experienced professional that to date has not lost a penny of Rent! Our Trust accounts are regulated and governed by the California State Department of Real Estate.


Landview has worked to obtain and keep our General Contractors License for many years. Unlike other Property Mnagement companies, Landview is Not dependent  on outside contractors for occasional maintenance  of your Properties. Our exerienced maintenance team will become familiar with your investment property to ensure that we can schedule repairs quickly and efficiently. This makes a big difference especiallywhen a property is vacant and it is losing rent daily. We have also developed a terrific group of trusted sub-contractors for those specific items like carpet cleaning and painting to save you time and money.


Our single family home specialist Lindalee Stump has over 35 years of experiece in the San Gabriel Valley assisting families and investors with the purchase  and marketing of millions of dollars of Real Estate. She has worked very hard over the years to build a large and dedicated client list and she can guide you or a tam ily member through the real estate transaction from beginning to end.


Landview takes pride in the longevity of our management with many clients depending on us for 20-30 years. Another interesting point is the number of Realtor Professional who are among our client list. Currently, over 30% of the properties we manage  are owned by Real Estate Professionals. Landview is regarded in the industry with high regard for our ethics, knowledge and professional management skills.

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